A woman and her Dogs.



They do not lie when they tell you a dog can be humans bestfriend. I grew up with dogs and have raised them my entire life.

They are amazing creatures. They are alwys so happy and look up to you. Many people can argue that they do have souls, but it is so hard  not to see a small unique soul in them.

Each dog is so different with there unique personality. My dog honey has a bit of a temper, but she is a sweetheart. Regina is a wild, active dog who has ADHD. Then, there is Puka. She does what ever she wants, but she is also a very good dog. She is good with other dogs, but loves to chase squirrles in the back yard.

Honey and Regina are chihuahuas and Puka is pitbull. I know weird mix.

I love these doggies with all my heart.

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